Hanes Dye & Finishing Corporate Headquarters Building – Renovation

Hanes Dye & Finishing Corporate Headquarters Building Renovation

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Renovation of a 20,000 square foot former tobacco warehouse.

Hanes Corp #08

Exterior View of Renovated Warehouse

Kevin was able to create imaginative design, with attention to detail, along with making sure that the renovation achieved a functional office space.  The Hanes Companies could not have been more pleased with the final product.”  B. Scott Craver, V. P. Project Management, Shelco, LLC

Design problem:
Hanes Dye & Finishing, in 2007, decided to move a large number of its senior staff to Winston-Salem.  Because the existing factory buildings didn’t have adequate space for that many people, it was decided to renovate an existing warehouse on the Hanes Campus.
Design Solution:

The existing warehouse, built in the late 1920’s, had an exposed steel structure with a wood roof deck all surrounded by exposed masonry exterior walls.  Early on in the programming phase of the design, keeping the original structural elements visible became a strong design criteria.

By placing the executive offices & conference spaces around the perimeter we were able to leave support staff in open cubicles in the center of the building, and so keep the high roof structure exposed to view.

Design & Construction Team

Architect: Owen Architecture,pllc 939 Burke Street, Suite D, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Construction: Shelco, LLC, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Photographs: Lechleider Ventures, Winston-Salem, North Carolina