Education Building of Knollwood Baptist Church

Renovation of the Education Building of
Knollwood Baptist Church

Winston-Salem, North Carolina


A lot has changed in Christian Education since the time the Knollwood Baptist Church Education Building was built in the late 1950’s. Assembly rooms and small break out classrooms have given way to large classrooms. Originally, thru-the-Week Preschool education wasn’t thought of as a mission of the church, but now it dominates the needs of the first floor. In the Music Department, what began as only Adult and Youth choirs has expanded to include young choirs of first & second graders, third graders and fourth & fifth graders, as well as Adult Women’s & Men’s Choirs. Direction of Chime and Bell Choirs and Guitar Ensembles for all ages is now also being provided.

Working with a tight budget and a determination not to change the exterior footprint, it was a challenge bringing this 1950’s building into the new century. With the exception of Interior Finishes and Furnishings, the first floor plan was mostly left unchanged; adapting spaces for new Accessible Toilets and relocating the Administrative Offices to one end to meet modern security needs. The second floor plan changes were more dramatic. By relocating the main corridor to the center of the building, what once were small break out classrooms became large Sunday School Classes and the oversized assembly rooms were made to match. Music Storage, a bane of any Music Department, with sheet music often stored in every available space was centralized in storage cabinets lining the corridor.


At project completion we were on time, with minimal change orders, and under budget. Church Members continue to express their joy and appreciation for work that exceeded their expectations.”  Pat Swann Building Committee Chairman – Past Winston-Salem, Asst City Manager

 Pre-renovation Photographs:

Design & Construction Team

Architect: Owen Architecture,pllc 939 Burke Street, Suite D, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Plumbing, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering: William G. Robinson, Jr Consulting Engineer, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Interior Designer: Workplace Strategies, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Construction: I L Long, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Mechanical Construction: Professional Air Systems, Rural Hall, North Carolina