A little bit about us …

Owen Architecture, pllc
228 Knollwood Street
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27104

(336) 761-8246

Founded in 1996, Owen Architecture, PLLC has been serving clients in the Triad area and beyond.  Our efforts are focused on a balanced approach of budget, service and design for the satisfaction of our clients. The bottom line … we enjoy creating affordable, functional spaces and buildings where people love to spend time.

Located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina for over almost two decades, Owen Architecture has specialized in the planning and design of facilities for retail, medical, governmental, and commercial clients.  We believe in a client-centered design approach.  We understand the ultimate factors driving the design of a project include the budget, program and image concepts and the building code. We consider the  combination of all of these things in ensuring the right design for our clients.

In addition to new construction, Owen Architecture has completed over 100 projects using the North Carolina Rehabilitation Code and the North Carolina Existing Building Code that replaced since their first implementation in the Spring of 2002, making us one of the leaders in rehabilitation in the state, and in particular Winston-Salem and the triad area.  Working with local code officials throughout the design and construction process has always been an Owen Architecture strengths.  We understand the code and use it to optimize a rehabilitation project.  Our approach works well, the process is efficient, and we enjoy making a difference.

 Kevin G. Owen, AIA
Architect and Principal Owner

With their extensive knowledge of the codes and archaic materials, Owen Architecture is hands down one of the premier firms when it comes to rehabbing older structures in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County” Bucky Frye – Former Plan Reviewer – Winston-Salem/Forsyth County

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