Quanto Basta Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar

Quanto Basta Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

QBItalian - April 2015 - Exterior 01

Transformation of an existing non-descript 6,550 sqft Office Building, originally built in the mid-1970’s, into a modern and inviting new Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar.

Seeking both to address the street and invite people in to the new Italian Restaurant most of the existing interior walls were removed, leaving a large open dining space readily viewable through the large, street level storefront windows. Entering the main oversized double wood doors, you are greeted in the entrance space define by the large rock wall. To either side the dining area opens up to a nearly two-story space with the concrete double-T roof structure practically disappearing behind the star like LED cable lighting. Around the corner the wine storage room is revealed behind the rock structure in the center of a huge, angular, marble wine bar. The bar anchors the room using the vertical stone wall and wine tower to connect it visually with the roof structure above.

Beyond the dining space and bar, glimpses of the brightly lit kitchen and pizza preparation area are revealed, hinting at the excitement of a well-functioning commercial kitchen.

A new covered Loggia is located on the south side of the building along the street that can be opened or closed depending on the weather or the season. While this area offers a little more seclusion and quiet, it retains a strong visual connection to the entry and main dining area with large windows at one end.


Design & Construction Team

Architect: Owen Architecture,pllc 939 Burke Street, Suite D, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Structural Engineering: Moorefield Engineering, PC, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Plumbing, Mechanical, & Electrical Engineering: Applied Engineering, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Interior Design: Hayden Design, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Food Service Equipment Supplier/Consultant: Eastern Food Equipment, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Construction: Davie Construction, Inc, Advance, North Carolina

Photography: J. Sinclair Photography, Winston-Salem, North Carolina


A few words from users of Yelp.com:

They [Quanto Basta] have a great location at the corner of Fourth and Spring and were super smart about the design of the place. Huge windows face Fourth street, if you are just driving by seeing everyone inside eating dinner it is enough to make you park and head on in. The interior itself is beautiful and the perfect ambiance for a date night. A large elegant bar occupies the center of the restaurant, but there is still plenty of seating around it and in a side room. “ From Holly B. of Winston-Salem, NC

First I have to say I love the decor very modern and upscale.” From Georgia O. of Colfax, NC


Quanto Basta Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar