Architecture is frozen music.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)

Quanto Basta Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar

          Transformation of an existing nondescript 6,550 sqft Office Building, originally built in the mid-1970’s, into a modern and inviting new Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar. Main Dining The Bar View to Kitchen The Bar Communal Dining View From Loggia More...

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Old Nick’s Public House

            Old Nick’s Public House in Lewisville, North Carolina is open! The Bar Pool Tables and Darts From behind the Bar The renovation of a 3,000 square foot Commercial Retail space into a Traditional British Public House. Using low walls and various ceiling heights a series of spaces were created to reflect different aspects and...

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Renovation & Addition to The Owen House

Winner of an American Institute of Architecture, Winston-Salem Section Merit Design Award for 2013. Photographs Originally built in 1955, this mid-century modern house contained all the efficient space organization of the standard ranch style but was lacking the modern requirement of a designated master bedroom suite. Given budget constraints and requirements to maximize...

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Renovation of the Bahnson House for the Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen & Bar

Winner of 2014 Gertrude S. Carraway Award of Merit from Preservation North Carolina for “Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Historic Preservation.”   Winner of 2014 Community Appearance Award for the Restoration and Adaptive Reuse of a Historic Building that enhances the attractiveness and enjoyment of the Downtown Winston-Salem area.   Winner...

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Tracy’s Little Red School House

Photographs Completed in May 2012, Tracy’s Little Red Schoolhouse embodies Industries for the Blind’s philosophy and continual effort to provide greater opportunity and assistance in independent living for the visually impaired.  The independent living program emphasizes skills essential for managing the complexities of, and adapting to, day-to-day living including...

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